Friday, June 20, 2008

My Maryland Family

This week I have been spending time in Maryland with Richard, Heather, Kirsten, Hannah & Emily. Here is Richard and Heather. Still in love after all these years.
Sweet Emily on her swing in her princess outfit. Always a princess. She always has on a tutu or some clothing that represents being a princess or dancer.
Today we went to watch Kirsten and Hannah take their riding lessons. They are very good riders and love everything about horses. Here is Kirsten on her horse Buck.
Hannah is riding Hasty. She is getting ready to make a jump.

Kirsten brushing her horse. They have braided the horses mane to make him look spiffy.

Thursday we went to the park for a picnic and let the girls play on the playground. This park is named Annie's Park after a little 6 year old girl the was killed by a drunk driver. It is such a nice tribute to a sweet little girl whose lilfe was taken way to soon.
Emily coming down the slide backwards and frontwards. She loved the slide.
We went to Rocks State Park to the waterfalls. It was a beautiful walk and the falls are very pretty. The water is clear, cold and lots of rocks in it. 3 of these rocks are coming to Florida with me.
Kirsten and her friend Maddy. Maddy went behind the waterfall. The water is like ice.
Kirsten "meditating" on one of the rocks.
Catching the "photographer" photgraphing pictures.

Here is our sweet "Princess" in full uniform. She is always ready to be in the princess mode. Is this a sweet face or what?
All three girls at the park together. It was a really beautiful day. Not too hot, just perfect. Kinda lilke we were in April.

Kirsten, Hannah and Emily on the slides.
Princess Emily on her throne.
This has been a pretty busy week. We have been on the go and doing lots of things. On Sunday we take off for Florida. They are coming to spend some time in Florida with family.

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