Saturday, June 7, 2008


Happy Anniversary to EW and Lucy Hodges. Today is their 55th anniversary. Yesterday was our 44th. Together we have 99 years of experience. So if you need help, just ask. We both decided the best solution to a long marriage is "no matter what, stick it out". I believe we promise something like that in our vowels. Anyway we went to the Ivy House in Alachua for a wonderful lunch. Thanks EW for picking up the tab. The lunch was SO good. Crsipy chicken and to top it off Coconut Cake for desert. YUM! (Sorry Pam, this is not on your plan) but at our age we have to enjoy while we can.:) We had a great time. Good food, good friends. EW & Lucy in the beautiful gardens of the Ivy House. Looking good for 55 years of marriage.
Me & my hubby of 44 years.
The fish pond
Double picture here. Oh Well!

My sweet hubby of 44 years. Who would have ever thought! Just think he had plenty of hair when we married. But he is still a cutie.

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Wife and Mom said...

I love this post and it is a really nice encouragement in the days of disposable everything. You both are very precious to me and I am so glad that God brought us together in a such a sweet way and in such a sweet place. Happy Anniversary to you both.

That cake sounded yummy.