Friday, June 22, 2012

Emily's Graduation

I arrived in Maryland on June 6.  It was the day of Emily's graduation from Kindergarten.  During the afternoon the girls washed Kirsten's car.  They actually got more soap and water on each other than on the car I think.

 After Emily's last day of school several parents had loud noise makers to cheer the kids on as they came out of their classroom for the last time.  
 This is Emily's teacher and she is my favorite.  She is the kind of teacher that you really want your kids to have.  What a great teacher to have in your first year of school.
 Emily is ready to go to graduation
 And ready to head to first grade!
 A very proud daddy!

 And mommy is pretty proud too!
 A congratulation kiss from mommy and daddy.

 All three of my beautiful grand-daughters.  I love these girls!

On stage at graduation
 Singing with her class
 Such a sweet face
 Getting her diploma from Kindergarten
 Her teacher giving encouragement to her class

 A big milestone in her life.  Congratulations Emily.  You did good!

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I'm so glad you were able to celebrate with us Nana!