Tuesday, October 11, 2011

School Days!

A few weeks ago I got this little school desk out of the attic. This had been Stephanie's desk when she was in the first grade so it is a few years old. Since it had been in the attic for many years the desk top had pretty much been ruined and it needed a lot of cleaning up. The hubs had his friend Doug make a new top for it and then he cleaned it up and repainted it. Today was the first day Tanek used it for school and he loved it. It is just his size and he really enjoyed doing school in his bedroom using his new desk.

It really worked well for him to do his handwriting on and we decided the new desk helped him to do really good handwriting today.

It was a very nice morning with a cool breeze coming through the open window.

He has his easel to work on and usually writes words that have to do with Star Wars. He enjoys the easel quite a bit. Behind the easel is a world map. I love these big maps as it is so easy to find the places we are studying about.

This side of his room has the TV and map of the USA. After school (since swimming season is over) we sometimes watch a good movie. Today we got to watch the new movie "Spooky Buddies".
You can see he is very much into cars in his room. We are anxiously awaiting the release of Cars 2 on DVD.

These are the books we work out of everyday.

We never run out of good books to read.

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Karen said...

Stephanie is very lucky to have a Nana who will be the other teacher in his life....