Thursday, August 11, 2011

cli conference and road trip - pt 1

Stephanie, Tanek and I left early Friday morning for Atlanta. We were going up to a cli conference for supporters and friends. My sister had come in from Vancouver, Wash. After the conference we were going to go up to NC to visit our brother. Our first stop was Cracker Barrel
for breakfast. Any early morning road trip needs to have a Cracker Barrel stop for breakfast.

And a little rest time after breakfast. Don't let that sweet face fool you. He was not sleeping. He does not sleep in the car or take naps. The only chance might be a nap after a day at Disney.

My sister Rena and Stephanie and I were volunteers for "Celebrate Life International" at the conference. Stephanie took care of the credit card machine (which was too complicated for me and Rena) and we put the books in a bag.

Team work. We did good working together. CLI is a great ministry that works with "at risk kids".

They work in the schools and with the judicial system and have had a great impact on turning lives around. Lori is also a very popular speaker. If you have ever been priviledged to hear her you know why. I do think if she could just show a little more enthusiasm in her speaking that would help. For those of you that have heard her you know what I mean. She is off the charts in enthusiasm and energy. NO ONE ever goes to sleep listening to her.

Lori talking with one of her guest

Sunday morning before church. Aunt Grandma getting some sweet time with Tanek

Tanek loves his Aunt Grandma

Rena and Lori at lunch on Sunday

Tanek and his mommy at lunch

The next post will be some pictures of our road trip to Swannaoa, NC. We had a great trip.

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