Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hannah's Field Day!

The day I got to Maryland we went to Hannah's field day at her school. It was held at someones home and their land was like a park. Lots of acreage and very beautiful. The weather was very nice. After they had just had a couple 100 degree weather days this one was very cool. I was actually cold early in the day. All their games involved water and I thought it was kinda cold for that but.......these kids are from Maryland. It didn't feel cold to them. When we first got to the field day Emily wanted to climb a tree first thing.

Hannah and one of her best friends Madison.

The kids had all kinds of relays and races etc.

I think the dad's were having more fun than the kids squirting the kids with water.

Hannah was proud to have her dad with her.

Our sweet Hannah

There was face painting

Everyone brought their lunch and had a picnic on the grounds. Then there was more playing. They had a splash bouncer that the kids really loved. The field day was for all the kids K-6 and of course little sisters and brothers too. Emily had as much fun as Hannah did. I was glad I got there in time to enjoy the day watching them have so much fun.

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